TFWP Tx 13th May 2016

Tx 160513So, we went with the number thirteen as a theme last night – not ideal for any triskaidekaphobics but hey, waddayagonnado!

That opened the door for the likes of Django Reinhardt who might not otherwise get a look in, likewise Mr.Kitty and Goldfrapp, although, admittedly, the latter was there on the fact it was her birthday.

We also have a section in the show where we try and play a track that has been requested by one of our lovely and loyal listeners, we call the slot the ‘Sound of the Cloud‘. Last night we played a Time Zone track. ‘World Destruction‘.

So, if you have a request and it’s something that would fit into what we play drop us a line via the Contact Us page, if we have it we’ll play it.

You can listen again to this show here.