TFWP Tx 27th May 2016

Fused-Profile-Pic2-Colouriser-160527No overarching theme this time round though we did open with a wee sample from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou leading into the first track proper.

We also celebrated the birthdays of those three masters of horror, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing (‘Master of Terror!’).

There was some Punk in evidence also, along with our usual dietary staple in the form of electronica.

We also unearthed the sample used on ‘Hey Sexy’ by Die Antwoord, which was from 1968 and by the divine Delia Derbyshire.

The ‘Sound of the Cloud’ segment, our request spot, was a track by The Pop Group called ‘Where There’s a Will’ from 1980. If you have a request get in touch.

You can listen again here.