TFWP Tx 6th May 2016

Tx 160506Last nights show opened with a slice of Orson Welles’ radio presentation from 1938 of ‘War of the Worlds‘ to set the mood for the first track, ‘The Eve of The War’ – Jeff Wayne vs. Ben Liebrand.

We also generated some interesting conversion in the live chat-room around the Krautrock tracks we curated, which was very encouraging, I think we’re on the right track in terms of listener expectation, although the numbers had dropped from the first show, but that is to be expected as the show beds in, then we hope the numbers will increase slowly as word gets out.

We’re developing a format of sorts, part of which is a dip into history in regard to musical birthdays on the day we go out, birthdays and other events. These serve as a springboard for inclusion of related tracks (some rather tenuously so it has to be said), and these tracks lead on to others. All good fun and leads to greater variety.

You can listen again to this show here.