TFWP Tx 22nd July 2016

Mixcloud 160722The show on Friday was a bit of a monster, 42 tracks and a little over three hours. A monster of the best kind. 🙂

However, during the first hour we did experience some issues with the ‘Listen Live’ feed, although (thankfully) the studio webcam stream was fine – although it does tend to be 30-60 seconds behind, which in turn throws the live chat out of kilter a bit when you have folk listing via both the sound sources. In any event we survived.

While continuing to use the ‘This Day in History’ format as a means to program what we play, I decided to confuse myself (but hopefully not the listeners) by apply the number three to everything; a three hour show, nine points in history, each with three or six tracks associated with it, plus three tracks bound by the number three and three miscellaneous tracks just for the craic!

All good fun, and all without a visit to the bathroom even with the usual intake of coffee. 😉