Tx 16th September 2016

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Published on: 16/09/2016

Tx 160916


Dance with Me Henry – The Goons
Caravan – Duke Ellington
Best Friend’s Birthday – Wolfgang Flur
Der Fuhrer!s Last Waltz – Laibach
Master Race – IX
Pilgrim – Deine Lakaien
Sex, Money, Freaks – Cabaret Voltaire
Forgiven – Lizabett Russo
Johnny Remember Me – Silver Factory Superstars
Spacewalk – Dance with the Dead
Leaves of Absense (AQWAN Deadpan Mix) – Ainneart
When – Stahlnebel & Black Selket
Youth Ozone Machine – Andrew Weatherall
Are You Scared? – Norman Sane
Imaginary Landscape – John Cage
Edge of Amnesia – One Man Standing
The Pilgrimage – Sumerias Fain
Unforgiven – Tourmaline Hum
Fear of Space – Transmission 13
Junk Mail – Sleeplab
Dead Letter Box (feat Ullapul (sample)) – DBPIT & Guests
Unforgiven – Ruined Conflict
Dancing Queen – XPQ-21
Madame Hollywood (feat. Miss Kittin) – Felix Da Housecat
Fireball – Don Spencer

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