Tx 2nd September 2016

Tx 160902


Taking of The Underground 1,2,3 – II Tone Committee

Running Water Station (Victoria) – nobodisoundz
Sleepy Commute (Waterloo & City Line train journey) – Trixie Delight
Poor Exit Strategy (Piccadilly Circus) – Anya Trybala
Euston Underground Reimagined from a Train (Euston) – vANdERlAMP
Spirit of the Underground (Blackfriars to Cannon Street) – Ian Haygreen
The Woodwind Ghosts of Bank Tube Station (Bank) – sp3ct3rs

Hiding – PTSD
This Is My Gun – Hexamoten
It’s a Good Day – Damsel in the Dollhouse
Monumental – The Aircrash Bureau!
Jellybean (Pink Mix) – Uncles of Wise
EnTeR Me – Brutalist Architecture In The Sun
Mantrasol – Sleeplab
Setting 4 – Chicken Eyes – Benjamin Wylie
Luna – Body Smasher
An Attempt At Killing Time – VulpineSmile
Knock Us Down – The Sweetest Condition
Transient (Pt.1) – Aiguise
You Need Help – AkA
TranceDance – Illustrial
Tiltback (Jeff Appleton Remix) – Microchip Junky
Negative Resolutions (Extended) – Nature of Wires
In Congruous Session #1 – Microchip Junky
Cosmic Invasion – CosmoMoose
Horizon – Jeff Appleton
Nidos De Sombras (SerGei BubKa Dementia) – Ullapul
I Am Naked First – Warpcensor
soMe dEvil – Ghostlike
Behaviour Modification Systems – DevilMonkey
Angst essen Seele auf (Giacomo Sturiano remix) – Eisenlager/D@P/Julia
Das Spiel Ist Aus (DJ Bizzy Mix) – Laibach

Next Station. Old Street (Old Street) – TheFatControlleR

Fireball – Don Spencer