Tx 28th October 2016 – Halloween Special

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Published on: 28/10/2016

Tx 161028

Three Hour Halloween Special Playlist:

Samhain – Rand & The Hobarts
Vampire Hunters – Wojciech Kilar
Halloween – Lesbian Bed Death
Bela Lugosi’s Dead – The Electric Hellfire Club
Devils Heart – Illustrial
Circus of Death – The Human League
Incubus – Tourmaline Hum
Heaven and Earth Magic – Hexvessel
The Witch – The Eternal Afflict
Ingest The Ritual – Ghostlike
Blood For Blood  – Lord of The Lost
Beelzedub – Orbital
I, Monster – Norman Sane
Everyday Is Halloween (Leather Strip Remix) – Ministry
The First Five Minutes After Death – Coil
Ghosties – Sleeplab
Graveyard – Public Image Ltd
Keep the Devil Off Your Back (The Devil Made Me Do It) – Alter Der Ruine
Her Soul is Damned (It’s God’s Law) – Agrippa
Spellbound – Siouxsie & The Banshees
The Raven – Christopher Walken
Lucifer – Damsel in the Dollhouse
Skeleton Kids (Demo) – The Mescaline Babies
Raining Tears of Blood – Chris & Cosey
Buzzkill – Microchip Junky
Cthulhu Waits – Uberbyte
Magic Words Command – Richard H Kirk
The Hearse Song – Traditional – Unknown (Re-Interpreted By Deadlights) – Deadlights
Devil’s Gateway-Rafters, Manchester 1980 – Throbbing Gristle
Your Backwards Ghost – Lil’ Spaceman
Graverobbers From Outer Space – Alternate Parallel Reality
Blacklight Magick I (Intro) – Necrotek
Blood Drain – H.Exe
Monster (V2) – 23RD/23RAINYDAYS
Death Is King (Soulrider Remix) – Douglas J
The Ghostsong (Subliminal Code Remix) – Obsidian FX
Der Elektrische Horror – Herz Jühning
Vade Retro Satanas – Laibach
Something In My House (Flamenco Mix) – Dead or Alive
Fireball – Don Spencer

Tx notes.

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