Tx 4th November 2016

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Published on: 04/11/2016



Retribution – Tanya Tagaq

Realm of The Ice Demon (I) – Bride Wore Black
Zombie’s Walk – Hamba & My Own Cubic Stone
Horror – W H I † E
The Seduction of The Ghost – ▓ ≥. HVRM .≤ ▓ (of W H I † E )
Witchstep (BL/\CK CEILING Remix) – Bruxa
Magic Mitte (WHI†E in Berlin re:Mix) – Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
Angels, Ghosts and the Breathe of Freedom – Archetypes & Relics
Season of The Witch – M‡яc▲ll▲
Last Nail In The Coffin – Darkstar83
Graveyard – Ullapul
I’ve Seen The Devil (featuring Rachel Gaskin-Whitrod) – Body Smasher
Magicpulls (Hellafee brew) – Klangschwester
The Blood That Runs From Fire – VulpineSmile
Deadliest Seed – Ghostlike
Dead Friends – Brutalist Architecture In The Sun
Baphomet Enthroned – Negative Spectrum
Gothic Toys For Dead Boys – My Own Cubic Stone
Sweet Lamblood – Bedtime For Robots
Life For Death – DiGital Winter
Devils – Ryder Farms
Dead Man Moonwalking – NeonCrab
Sorcerer – Merx & Nystada
On Death – The Ambiguity
Dead Skins – Room of Wires
Airfield Ghosts – British Experimental Rocket Group
The Proposed Alliance of Demons – Sai Rastao
City Spirits – Toketome
Ghostland – Tourmaline Hum
The Devil’s Dolly Mixtures – Cousin Silas
Bloodtape – sp3ct3rs
Attack of the Mechanical Ghost Spiders From Outer Space – Kold
Ghost Town – Mental Escape Pod
Saint Death (Son of Man) – Norman Sane
Devils (Angels Remix AW) – Analogue Wave
Vaticanae – Laibach

Where I Left Her (Beaten Mix) – Damsel in the Dollhouse
Fireball – Don Spencer

Tx notes.

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