Tx 10th March 2017

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Published on: 10/03/2017


Celebrating International Women’s Day

Title Music From A Clockwork Orange – Wendy Carlos
High Speed Flight – Daphne Oram
Computermatic – Delia Derbyshire
Raptus – Doris Norton
Rely On Me – Jean-Michel Jarre & Laurie Anderson

Will Anything Happen! – Blondie
Never Gonna Cry Again – Eurythmics
Christine – Siouxsie & The Banshees
Skimble Skamble – Chris & Cosey
Shellfish Bamboo – Frank Chickens

I Want You Now – Depeche Mode
PATH – Lucia Fenix
Unintended – Illustrial
Nobody’s Diary – Yazoo

Retrospect – haq
Spring Time – Vulcan Tea Party
Pins of White on the Shroud – Keldari Station
L’arbe de Songe (Tree of Dreams) – BlackMarine
Girl of A Skin Coloured Blanket – Moomlooo
Amazonas – Trixie Delight
Miles Away – The Sweetest Condition
Excommunicate Me – Vague Notion
Don’t Forget to Breathe – Meter Bridge
Indiscretions – Liza Nicklin
Where I Left Her – Damsel In The Dollhouse
No!One – Hexamoten

Edges (Dance Version) – Kirlian Camera
The Gun Song – Ayria
Numbers – FKA twigs
We Want Them Young – Emilie Autumn
Tanzflaechenhooligan – AD:Key
C.S. (Autodafeh Remix) – Diffuzion
Come Back (L’ame Immortelle Remix) – Pzychobitch
Authority – Client
Vaginoplasty (Feat. Simonne Jones) – Peaches
Vereor – Android Lust
Hunter – Björk
Empire State Human – Marsheaux
Cunt Rocker – Junksista
Clearer (Shades of Red mix) – Collide
Savage Logic – Die Form
Dream Sleep – Attrition
Salvation (Plike Remix) – Unknown Land
Shoplifting – The Slits

Across The Universe – Laibach
Phenominal Woman – Maya Angelou
Fireball – Don Spencer

Welcome , today is Monday, 23/10/2017