Tx 9th June 2017

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Published on: 09/06/2017


Warm Leatherette Redux (the Spectrum 5 render) – AkA
Hiding – PTSD
Thelema – Ullapul
Church of Love – Lazlo Kovaks
Nil By Mouth (Remastered) – Norman Sane
Wave Igniter (Microchip Junky’s Most Amazing Signal) – Ghostlike
Ikigai – The Black Hundred
Dance of the Aliens – Illustrial
Made in China – Lone Cosmonaut
Echos – Mental Escape Pod
Monkey’s Club – Walter Fini
Master Race – IX
Amazonas – Trixie Delight
Through the Barrier – Ian Haygreen
Incubus – Tourmaline Hum
Dead Skins – Room of Wires
Dirty Electronic – Microchip Junky
Through the Cracks (DNR remix) – Damsel In The Dollhouse
Processional – Asleep With Headphones
Winters Dawn – Rachel Gaskin-Whitrod
The Terminal Man – MANGABROS™
Choke Throat – Body Smasher
Mc1001 Ids – Aqwan
The Rooftop Ascending – WarpCensor
Synthetic (Ventenner Remix) – Dicepeople
No!One – Hexamoten
Listen & Repeat – One Thousand Exabytes
Holy Mountain – Drum Lovin’ Criminal
Elena – The MAN
Shades of Blue – Icicle Boy
Hopesink – Jessica Pink
ICBM Codes – Deadlights
Monolithic State – HPK
Anglia (Sanctus Mix) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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