Tx 25th August 2017


A Forest (The Cure) – Brutalist Architecture In The Sun
Listening (Pseudo Echo Cover) – Audioblivion
Kebabtraume (DAF cover) – Jan Doyle Band
The Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover) – Edouard Trolliet

Stop / Start (Assembly cover) – AkA
California Dreamin’ (The Mamas and the Papas) – StrobeGirl and Illustrial
A Little Respect (Erasure cover) – 2 Totems
The Order of Death (PIL Cover) – Gravity Feeder
The Things You Said (Depeche Mode cover) – Perpacity
Sympathy For The Devil (Laibach cover) – HPK
The Logical Song (Supertramp) – Damsel In The Dollhouse
Where The Wild Roses Grow (Dr Mario Remix (Nick Cave cover)) – Trixie Delight
State of The Nation (New Order cover) – Pixelpussy
The Only Mistake (Joy Division) – Pinklogik
Another Perfect Day (Motorhead cover) – Ullapul & Drust IV
Every Dreamhome a Heartache (Roxy Music) – MURMUS
Will You (Hazel O’Connor) – You & Me Both
Solar Lodge (Coil Cover) – Ullapul
Get Carter (Roy Budd cover) – Microchip Junky
Johnny Remember Me (John Leyton/Joe Meek) – Silver Factory Superstars
Collapsing New People (Fad Gadget cover) – Bioassay
Swallow It (Fad Gadget cover) – Icicle Boy
Warm Leatherette (Normal cover) – Norman Sane
Stories of Old (Depeche Mode Cover) – Deadlights (feat. Stew French)
The Persuaders Theme (John Barry) – Pulselovers

Geburt Einer Nation (Laibach cover) – The MAKE
Fireball – Don Spencer