Tx 25th January 2018 – RE:Fuse

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Published on: 25/01/2018



Burn This City – The Sweetest Condition
Feel It Burn – Synthicide
Acid Folk – Perplexer

7 From The Double-O

Burn She-Devil, Burn – The Cramps
Babylon’s Burning – Frau Doktor
Burning – The Belle Stars
Aerosol Burns – Essential Logic
Sonny’s Burning – The Birthday Party
Burning Car – John Foxx
Time Burns – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Burning Down Your House (Single Edit) – Erotic Elk
Kissing And Burning (Original Mix) – The Horrorist
Burn Home Burn – PAKT
Let the Sky Burn (Silent Servant Remix) – Youth Code
Body Burn – Cubanate
My Car Is Burning In Hell – Severe Illusion
Burning Chrome – Halo Effect
Burning Inside – Klinik
Cigarette Burns (Valerie The Lustrous Love Machine Mix) – The Eldridge Experience
Crash And Burn – Ayria
You Will Burn The Moon – Deviant UK Versus Robots
Fashburner Pt2 – Gaywire
Burn It Down (Remix By Blitzmaschine) – Hardwire
Burnout (Oldschool Club Mix) – Blitzmaschine
Crash And Burn (Club Mix) – Detroit Diesel

Room to Live – The Fall
Vojna Poema – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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