Tx 17th May 2018 – InFuse

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Published on: 17/05/2018



Fused – Lone Cosmonaut
A 007 – Eisenlager
Night Mover – MBP
Poor Little Hag – Noise Cluster
Eamon The Destroyer – Bunny & The Invalid Singers
Death of the Physical (DevilMonkey Black Dub Red Mix) – The Black Hundred
Numero Uno – Widow’s Teeth
Love Parasite (Dicepeople Vampire Stripper Re-Vox Remix) – The Brooklyn Foundation
Intimidated (7” Mix) – Armageddon Dildos
A Tribe of My Own (Sebastian Komor remix) – Lederman / De Meyer
Dangerous Lines – Finkseye
Great Bank In The Sky (Mutilato Remix by Go Fight) – Angelspit
Fahrenheit 451 – Autoignition
Generator – Der Technostadt
Berghain – Monkey Warhol
Ritual Body Music – Struck 9
DNA – Dark Insights
Fallbach – Felix von Montfort
Don’t Run! (The Evil Within) – Rabia Sorda
Kamikaze Angel (Adam Kult Unholy Remix) – Helalyn Flowers
Death Lies Waiting (Binary Park Remix) – Suicide Commando
Fuck That Fascist Beat (GoFight Mix) – Caustic

The Cold Song (London 23/11/17) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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