Tx 23rd August 2018

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Published on: 23/08/2018


My Razor – Sleepy Eyes Nelson
Straight Razor Jack – Whitfield Fahrenheit
Sweeney Todd – Fear Incorporated
Mirror Remains – Bauhaus
Running Without Scissors – VulpineSmile
Moustache – Sparks
Mirror in the Bathroom – Icicle Boy
Smoke And Mirrors – Starcluster and Marc Almond
Scissor – Dead When I Found Her
Scissors for the Drifter – Astraeus Dreams
Mirrors Fade (Modern Howl Remix) – ∆AIMON
Hidden Razor (Disir Remix) – Bombardier
Soul Mirror – Neuropa
Mirror – Klinik
Tears of Oil – Sebastian Komor
Mirrors And Knives – Rabia Sorda
Shaved Monkey (Left Spine Down Remix) – Angelspit
Stuck In The Mirror – Melotron
Sound Mirrors (Faderhead Remix) – Covenant
Soundmirror 1 – Clock DVA
Patch – Tabish Green
Hall of Mirrors – Silence Feat. Anne Clark

Krvava Gruda – Plodna Zemlja – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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