Tx 9th August 2018

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Published on: 09/08/2018


Tango Del Manganello – Corazzata Valdemone
NostalgicPulse – Lorenzo Brusci – Marco Madia
Saveyou – Apsürde
Stars (Restriction 9 Remix) – Arctic Sunrise
They Won’t Silence Us (Short Cut) – De/Vision
Timebomb – Post Precious
Eccentric Uncle (7″ Cut Mix) – Solsun
Federalist 0A – Interdictor
This Time I’m Over You (feat. Erik Stein) (Steve’s Remix) – Projekt Ich
Solve et Coagula – Bellum Romanum
On This Rock I Will Build My Church – Lord of The Lost
The People of the Future – Cyanotic
Let’s Go James (Drvg Cvltvre Remix) – Ethan Fawkes
Attraction (Disconnected Remix) – Basic Instinct
Frei – Amnistia
Soviet Synthesizer – DSX
Deflection (Electrosexual Remix) – Millimetric
In Service To The Gods – For All The Emptiness
Sad Clown (Sigfried Burroughs Remix) – TTN
Equilibrium (Connor Remix) – Ton Globiter
You Believe In (Original Mix) – Ethan Fawkes

Contrapunctus 7, a 4 per Augment et Diminut – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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