Tx 27th September 2018

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Published on: 27/09/2018


Environmental Studies – Delia Derbyshire
Aquarius – Mort Garson
Freedom of Choice – Devo
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Gil Scott-Heron
Love – Peace – Feedom – Praga Khan
Running With The Sheep – Rroyce
Truth & Illusion – Sensory Gate
War On Freedom – Killing Joke
Master And Servant [Discomix] – Krystal System
Censor (The Gutter Mix by Guru) – Skinny Puppy
Shattered Illusion (Monolith Mix) – Absolute Body Control
Monolithic State – HPK
Radical Revolution – A Dead End Society
Big Brother UK Theme – ElementFour
So Schoen War Die Zeit – Welt In Scherben
Tears In Rain (feat. Megan McDuffee) – Villarosso
The Cassandra Complex – Avarice In Audio
Ultraviolence – The Electric Hellfire Club
Days of Violence (Flatline Remix) – Halo Effect
Our History of Violence – Seraphim System
Here’s Your Revolution (Negative Format Mix) – Neikka RPM
We Want Revolution – Covenant

War – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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