Tx 11th October 2018

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Published on: 11/10/2018


A Day In The Life (Big Will’s Mix) – Black Riot / Todd Terry
Magic – The Frixion
Theme From The Cold War – The Floatation Project
Love In Itself – Fused (feat Stephen Newton)
SynthPopBoy – !distain
Russian Radio (Fresh Club Mix) – Red Flag
The Forever Machine – Pin Up Club
Eyes of Another – Microchip Junky
Red Desert – Puce Mary
Sonic Warfare (Stahlschlag Remix) – Stainless.4571
Malicious Compliance [V.2] – Sacris Idolum
The Power of Eternity (UVB EOJ Remix) – 11xxx27
Zombie’s March – The Mao Tse Tung Experience
Break Out (MiniMix) – All The Ashes
Warriors of The Sun – Individual Totem
Thelema – The Klinik
Twelve Stones to Divide Jordans Sand – Ancient Methods
Disaster – Third Realm
Wake Up 2.0 (Raul Parra Remix) – Red Industrie
Departure (The Horrorist Remix) – Thomas P. Heckmann

Tito – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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