Tx 18th October 2018

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Published on: 19/10/2018


Modern Radio – Scarlet Soho
Give Us What We Need (Truth Is Not The Key) – Peter Heppner
Where’s The Money? – Czukay, Wobble, Liebezeit
… A Message From Our Sponsors – iVardensphere
Radio Qurghonteppa – Pan Sonic
The Girl Who Finds Gifts from Crows – Massive Ego
Pray, Vote, Donate, Buy – Diskonnekted
Help Me – La Luli & the Explosivo Paz
Geld (Money) – Malaria
Everybody Needs A Little Help Sometimes Please – Photostat Machine
I Give To You – Nitzer Ebb
Power Money Salvation – Tolchock
Give The People What They Want – Go Fight
Give/Take – Mr.Kitty
Gift For You (KJ Sawka Remix) – Celldweller
Radiosüchtig – Sturm Cafe
Money – Blitzmaschine
Art Support Machine – Electrosexual
Subscribe – Laura Nes

Sponsored By Mars – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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