Tx 20th December 2018


The Glitch That Stole X-Mas – C/A/T
Jerusalem – Gazelle Twin
Silent Night – Attrition
She Came Through The Chimney – Amon Duul II
A Song For Christmas – JB Nelson
Xabalbia Solstice – Dental Drill and Trixie Delight
Hail The Holly King – Inkubus Sukkubus
Words Are Faith And Water (Ft. Neil Francis) – Perpacity
When We Were Young (Xmas Again) [Glenn Main Remix] – Vogon Poetry
I Believe In Father Christmas – Circuit3
Run (Fused 7″ Suburbia mix) – DarwinMcD and Huguenot
Winter Wonderland – Droid Sector Decay
It Happend on Christmas Day – LeƦther Strip
Nordur / Yule Song – Nytt Land
Santa’s Works Band Wishes You A Happy Christmas – Jumble Hole Clough
Jerusalem – Heimataerde
Carol of The Bells – Stahlschlag
Ha-Nuke-A – Nuclear Sun
The Mistletoe – Gerda Orden
Christmas Dreams – Angelzoom
Black Christmas 2008 – Red Flag
Jerusalem – Monstergod

My Favorite Things – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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Published on: 20/12/2018

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