Tx 6th December 2018

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Published on: 06/12/2018


Doctor Who Theme (Original Version, Stereo Remix 2002) – Delia Derbyshire
Beacon (Bonus Remix) – State of The Union
Equinoxe 7 – Jean Michel Jarre
The Watchers (Movement 1) – Jean Michel Jarre
Ulysses (feat Trixie Delight) – Ullapul
Strange Entity – Oscar And The Wolf
Let Darkness In – Machinista
Time for Memories feat. Plexiphones (Monotronic Remix) – Projekt ich
End of Days (feat. Namnambulu) – Mental Discipline
Wrong – Studio-X
Radioaktive – Radioaktivists
Kill Me Every Time (South American Slam Edit) – Blue Stahli
Voyage Dans La Nuit (Maschine Brennt Remix) – Niels Gordon
Fame (feat. Lady N) – Corvad
A Perfect Restraint – Merzbow & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Bleak Magic – Soft Issues
Tonttuuden Loputtomassa Suossa Soi Pimeyden Aani – Tonttu
I Will Always Hate You – UVB
What We Want (feat. Neon Electronics) (Noseda Dark Techno Rework Radio Edit) – Formshift
Somnambulism – Neo Fresco

Climb Ev’ry Mountain – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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