Tx 24th January 2019


We Are Glass – Gary Numan
Hitherto – Cocteau Twins
Make Yourself Deny – PIG
Hard To Handle – Elegant Machinery
Echo Chamber (Iris Remix) – Lorelei Dreaming
Fassbinder – Eisenlager, D@P, Julia
Dann ist das gut – Schwefelgelb
Call It Weird – Clan of Xymox
Man Is Evil – Tolchock
My Night Under The Crushing Mattress – Mentallo & The Fixer
Lucid – Dial Tone
No View – Avoid-A-Void
Look At Me – Red Flag
Girl – Eco
Bypass – Frame of Mind
Substitute – Red Cell
Clone Effect – S.E.M;I
Umsturz Jetzt! (Razormaid Remix) – Robotiko Rejekto
Friend Or Foe – Destroid
Fight! (Amgod vs. Kant Kino – Wax Off Remix) – Kant Kino
Alptraum – Frontal
Raise Your Fist (Phosgore Remix) – Acylum
Funker Vogt (March On!) – Funker Vogt
Gay On the Dancefloor (Sweat Boys Remix) – Go Fight

Maria/Korea – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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