Tx Fused 19.12

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Published on: 28/03/2019


A Symphonic Space Dream – Space (Didier Marouani)
Got to Keep On – The Chemical Brothers
Black Butterfly – AEX
Restraint – The Golden Filter

Melding of The Minds – Heliophile
Satellites – Felix Marc
Murderous Trap (Ruined Conflict Pakt) – Frozen Plasma
Poison Kiss (ft Kurt Larson) – Dissonance
This House Is No Longer – The Bedroom Witch
Josef Ritter Von Gadolla – Dunkelwerk
Danelagen – Danheim
Year of The Klown – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Wizard of Noise – Ex.Es
Living In The Shadows – K*141
Stronger (K-Tanaka Remix) – Kretz
Himmel & Hölle (AnD Remix) – Thomas P. Heckmann

Running (Monotronic Remix) – Plexiphones
Freedom – Third Realm
The Game – Tragic Impulse
Wir Sind Mehr – Orange Sector

Malfunction – Sarin & Imperial Black Unit
Angel – Brusque Twins
I Need To Feel Loved (10 Element Deep Remix) – Reflekt
Hard Machine (Hard Sex Remix By Black Asteroid) – PIG
Monkeys In A Tree (Chris Count Remix) – Rotersand

The Garden ft Modern Heaven (Antipole | Paris Alexander Remix) – Buzz Kull
Desolation And Darkness (Club Remix) – Antibiosis
If You Want Me To Stay – Ronny

Zhonghua – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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