Tx Fused 19.14

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Published on: 11/04/2019


Dominion Advertisment – The Future
1990’s Theme (TRON OST) – Wendy Carlos
Squarewave To Heaven (Robert Tripp Remix) – Arthur and Martha
Haris Alexiou (Platesmasher Radio Mix) – Breathe of My Leaves
Blood Disco – Misfortunes
In The Dust – Static Shore
Chemistry (Llewellyn’s Retouch) – Jennifer Touch
Don’t Look Back – Brussels Pony Club
Looking In – The Present Moment
The Greatest Loss – The Livelong June
The Sound of Sheffield – Leaether Strip
Talk Over – Cabaret Voltaire
Cairo – The Future
Being Boiled – The Human League
Lomticks of Time – Clock DVA
Camille – Vice Versa
(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang – Heaven 17
Tears Are Not Enough – ABC
Wasted – Cult With No Name
Brother And Sister – Erasure
Nodisco – AD:Key
Comeback of The Hero – Cutoff:Sky
S.S.S [Feat. AZZI] – Dirty Backseat
Wickedness – Aesthetic Perfection
H.A.T.E – Frequence Noir
Interlace (Infac7ed Edit) – Shiv-R
Gehorsam – Nachtmahr
Close To You – Graflex

Zavedali So Se – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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