Tx Fused 19.19

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Published on: 09/05/2019



Bathead – B. Hasemeyer
Rutabaga (feat. Johanna Fegan) – MODWUMP™
Perfumed Replica (Bedtime For Robots Rdx) – Station Zero
Effusion – Andrulian
The Finale of Species – Angst Athens
This Ready Flesh – TR/ST
Dark Moment – Analogue-X
Go-Go Boy (E39 Pump Mix) – Lord And Master
Beautiful – 5TimesZero
Emerald Dancer (The Blott ‘Dramatic Entrance’ Remix) – The Rude Awakening
The Lady And The Snake – Conny Olivetti
Android (Eqavox Remix) – Savlonic
Anna’s Theme – Subway To Sally
Upset Karma (feat. Elena Alice Fossi) – Jean-Marc Lederman Experience
Mars Radiation Terminal 20 – Emitto Audio
Dismantled Structure (Dubfire Remix) – Michael Klein
Rise (feat. Noemi Aurora) – SD-KRTR
Within The Cold Grip of Death (Grendel Remix) – Nexium
Don’t Dream It, Be It! – Art Diktator
Tanzkrankheit – Hieronymus FTP
Like Meat (iVardensphere Remix) – ESA
Tight – Empire State
Revolution of Death (Death Factor Remix) – At0shima 3rr0r
Wandertag – Plastikstrom
Bleiburg – Rhesus Factor
Mann der Arbeit – Transponder
Die Fahne – Orange Sector
Kraft (Orange Sector & Agrezzior) – Agrezzior
Tits On A Tricycle – SNBRN

NSK – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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