Tx Fused 19.21

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Published on: 23/05/2019


Vampire Hunters – Wojciech Kilar
Passion Fruits (UKLD Remix) – Walter Fini
Electric Nights (AJ’s Alternative Mix) – Parralox
Stranger Than Believing – DRÆMINGS
Lipstic Marks – Black Sun Dreamer
Take It Or Leave It – Mika Ella
Futuristic – Spray
Non Stop Feeling Empty – Crush 333
Clouds of Doubt (Fused Sacred 7″ Remix) – Mind Machine
Dreaming of Me – Fused (Feat. Stephen Newton)
True (Andrik Arkane Remix) – Eric C. Powell
Dreiklangdimensionen – Loewenhetz
Override (Endanger Remix) – Form
My Love Is Electric (Frozen Plasma Remix) – Dimitri Berzerk, Franco Doglioli
Five Knives – Traumadoll
WOW – Green Velvet, Prok & Fitch, Shamonique
Danzig – Liebknecht
Dansmusik (Robot Remix) – Ironic Sweden
Batshit – Sofi Tukker
Die Blume – Mellow Code & SKM LKR
I Need Your Love (Cyborgdrive Remix) – Ultimated
Spanish Caravan – Randstad
The Boots – Rebel Empire
Deep Inside (Frozen Plasma Remix) – Toal
Fade To Grey – Lord of The Lost & Syndro-Sys
Where The Wild Roses Grow – Chris Harms & Scarlet Dorn

The Whistleblowers – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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