Tx Fused 19.28

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Published on: 11/07/2019


Corridors – Hildur Guðnadóttir
Stranger Things Theme (2019 Repolish by Matt Black) – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Levitation (Polly Powder Remix) – junk-E-cat
I Don’t Do EDM, And This Is Why – Keith Richie
History Repeating Feat. Miss Shirley Bassey (Knee Length Mix) – Propellerheads
Defibrillator (Addambombb’s 80s from Hades Remix) – Angelspit
We Gotta Get Haircuts (Ricardo Autobahn Remix) – Spray
Catwalk – Into the Blood
The Diamonds and the Slaves (Elektrostaub Remix) – Logic & Olivia
Dope – Neon Movement
Caught In The Middle – Grendel
Note To Self – Milan
We Can Go – Phantom Black
Infinite – Yvvgen
Orange Man Bad – Crisis Actor
One Good Reason – Embrace The Crisis
Controlling Systems (Damascus Knives Remix) – Cervello Elettronico
Flashback Suite Part #3 – DJ Shadowkat
Lies, Deception, And Fantasy (Original Mix) – Chris Lake, Lee Foss
Silver Screen Shower Scene (feat Miss Kitten) – Felix Da Housecat
Upstart – Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Control (I’m Here) (The Hacker Remix 2006) – Nitzer Ebb
Lips (feat. Douglas J McCarthy) (Nomenklatür Remix) – Yasmin Gate
Go On (feat. T.Raumschmiere) (Le Rouge Remix) – Yasmin Gate
The Game Is Not Over (feat Miss Kitten) – T.Raumschmiere
Madame Hollywood (feat. Miss Kittin) – Felix Da Housecat
For All Individuals – Crystal Geometry
Outside Looking In (Interface’s Darker Version) – Interface
Metallic Creatures – The X Initiative
Give You The Earth – Neon Mirrors
Meister, Der (Massiv In Mensch Remix) – Les Berrtas
Circe (Angelspit Remix) – Angelspit Vs Curse of Cassandra
Consume – Negant
President X – 3Teeth
Paper Empires (Solemn Assembly Remix) – Unitcode:Machine
The Intolerator – A.D.A.C. 8286
Prankster – Novastorm
Hysteria (Cryo Remix) – Neuroticfish
Algorithmus – DAF

Das Spiel Ist Aus (Ouroborots Instrumental Mix) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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