Tx Fused 19.29

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Published on: 18/07/2019


Contact – Giddle & Boyd
(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me – Depeche Mode
Set Me Free (Omegagon Remix) – Night Vision
Envision (Conetik Remix) – Theatre of Tragedy
Let Go – The Grey Disorder
Propeller – Kevin Lux
Harry’s House – Nature of Wires
Move Your Body – Marshall Jefferson
Tomorrow (Glenn Main Remix) – Vogon Poetry
Sails – A Million Pretty Things
My Love Is Electric (Jerry’s SoftWave Remix) – Dimitri Berzerk
Strange Stubborn Proud feat. Kurt Larson (Extended Mix) – ELYXR
Sure As One Can Be – Yestergrey
From Paris To Berlin – Infernal
I Invented That (feat. Jackie Beat) – Alaska Thunderfuck
Cycleheart – Sirus
Apollo 11 – DJ Shadowkat
We’ll Meet Again For The Last Dance (Paradox Obscur Remix) – Halo Effect
Afraid of The Dark (Jeff Appleton Remix) – Blinky Blinky Computerband
Odd Speech – Sam Goku
Red Right Hand (Jaap Ligthart Peaky Blinders Edit) – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Wolf Totem – The Hu
Feel The Heat – The Endless
Liar (feat. Stephen Mallinder) – Amato & Adriani
Nachtclub – Kontrast
Hissteria – Cat Temper
Retributive Debt Controller – Admirals of Induced Hysteria
Künstliche Intelligenz – THX 1971
Groan (Citizen Boy Remix) – Zaliva-D
Be Brave – Glenn Love
Wayfaring Stranger – Ego Likeness
One By One We Glitter And Disappear – Stoneburner
Lauf – Vzoid
Enemy Contact – Seraphim System
Neuer Untergang – Faktor 239
Evil – Formato Negativo
One Last Wish – God Module
Midnight Crisis (Avarice in Audio Remix) – Binary Division
Punctual Low – Veta.M
Asynchronous Guru – t_error 404
Raw and Pure – NZ

Jägerspiel – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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