Tx Fused 19.39

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Published on: 26/09/2019


Stop Brexit – Anne Clark, Thomas Rückoldt
Evaporator (Ullapul Remix) – Haq
Inner Peace – Uppermost
The Power of Faith – Plexiphones
Escalator of Life (feat. Glitterwølf) – See Thomas Howl
The Game – XLR:840
Eco – Colossio
Make Me Feel – Diesein
Le Moment – Antipole
Unforgettable Runway – Super Drama
Lullaby – 0kontrol
Grey – Monotonous Cities
Last Goodbye – Insight
Metal-Man – Jeff Mccall
Higher Hope (Uncreated Remix) – Obsession of Time
Schwarz Auf Weiss – Loewenhertz
Herz Schreit (All The Ashes Remix) – Monosapien
Murder Machine – Dismembered Sound Booth
Shadow Part. 2 (Hyboid Remix) – Red Industrie
Hclone120 – Daniel.B.Prothese
We Are Not Your Enemy (Fused Radio Edit) – Tin Gun
From Far Away – Diem Redux
Oblivion (Nature of Wires Remix) – Nórdika
Muranyi – Pryda
Eyes of The Night – Jamie Jones, Darius Syrossian
Acid Gorilla – Riccardo Sodi
Soft Rocket – Cornelius Doctor
Salted Caramel Ice Cream – Metronomy
Facade (Ideophobia Remix) – Analogue-X
Monotoni – Syntet
Inner Space – Gadi Mitrani
Electrified Pedestrians (feat. Tom Wilson ) – Buzzing Sound Candy
It Came from Outer Space – Damokles
Range Robert – Palavas
Spacebird (feat. Bridget Gray – LorD and Master Radio Mix ) – Breathe of My Leaves
Assassin (Decorated 2019) – Cultivated Bimbo
Killed In Space – Velvet Acid Christ
Body Nerv – And One
Nancy (It Turns Gold) (feat. Michael Zodorozny) – The Hacker
Religion Against Religion – Max Durante
Der Teufel – 4.44:4KoNTRoL
Mantra – Estados Alterados
Wires On Her Body – Peryl
Onto Duat – Maenad Veyl
NSA – Le Chocolat Noir
Dopaminefeedback – Wavepeak
Feindbild – Stahlschlag
Celebrity Disorder – Angelspit
Ego – Feral Five
We Don’t Need to Stop – Mister Drax

Illumination – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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