Tx Fused 19.44

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Published on: 31/10/2019


Danza Triste – Granados
All Saints Day – Severed Heads
Halloween – Japan
Rockin’ in the Graveyard – Jackie Morningstar
Dead Souls – Joy Division
Saturday Night In The City of The Dead – Ultravox
Cemetery Polka – Tom Waits
Martin (Dave Ball Hallowe’en Mix) – Soft Cell
Skeleton Fruit – Christian Kleine
Skull Collector – JB Nelson
Mezcal – Mona Mury
Calavera – Hardwell & KURA
Day of the Dead – The Tiger Lillies
Cemetery Hill – Virus Cycle
Her Soul is Damned (It’s God’s Law) – Agrippa
On All Hallow’s Eve – Killing Joke
Graveyard (Concept of Thrill Remix) – Nigh/T\Mare
Fiesta De Los Tamborileros – The Sunclub
Fiesta De Amor – Inkubus Sukkubus
The Skull & The Bone – Thee Secrete Society
Hall of Souls – And One
Graveyard Eyes (Re-Worked) – Electro Spectre
All Saints – David Bowie
Halloween – Michael R. Smith & Gary Numan
Dance With Your Own Skeletons – Nature of Wires / CountessM
Skull And Bones (feat yelworC) – Transponder
Frankincense and Myrrh – Tzusing
Celebration of Death – Cutoff:Sky
The Convoy of Lost Souls – Impakt!
Pumpkin Muscles – Diesel Dudes
Everyday Is Halloween (Leather Strip Remix) – Ministry
Tales From The Grave – Bodykomplex
Carnival of Souls (Alien Nation Remix) – Electro Fear
Rave To The Grave (NZ Mix) – Alien Vampires
An Angel’s Offering – Nero Bellum
No Estamos Muertos – Braindead
Danza del Muerto – Exemia
Cuando Nací Ya Estaba Muerto – Larva
Pecados Mordacious (RMX) – C-Lekktor

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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