Tx Fused 19.45

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Published on: 07/11/2019


Widdershins – Modwump
The Anti-Gnome Man (feat. TFG (TONTTU)) – Veil of Thorns
Stars – 3 Passengers Left
Shadows of The Past – Usagi Is Dead
Time Traveller – Magnus Krieg
Roadrunner – U.K.
When You Go (Remix) – Eurotix
Burn This City – Italove
Generations – Sonic Reunion
Italo Disco – Lifelike
Futuro – Giangi Cappai
Obscura Electronica – Unidad Obscura
Make Me Blue (Requiem4fm Remix) – Dark-O-Matic
Kaleidoscope (Dicepeople ‘Roll The Dice’ Remix) – The Rude Awakening
Paper Words – Playground Theory
Shadow Self – The Bedroom Witch
It’s So Divine (Love Remix) – Pro Patria
Heads Turn Around – Soft Riot
Mexico Cowboy – Suzanne Letting
Need Stuff – Into the Blood
Searching (feat. Mari Kattman) – Psy’Aviah
Strong (Remixed By Caisaron) – Blutengel
The Arch House – Promenade Cinema
Electric City of Lights (Mystic Experience Remix) – Stereo in Solo
Herz schreit (All The Ashes Remix) – MonoSapien
The Blitz (Victory Mix) – Neuropa
Reckless – Parralox
Approximate (Maschine Brennt Remix) – Unisonlab
Body Moves – Fused
Howl – Mindless Faith
Destroy Yourself – Mordacious
Birds of Prey – Buben
Smother Box (Mother of Aggression-Mix) – ELM
Landlord – Test Dept.
I Wanted You – Normoria
Phrase Fractal – First Aid 4 Souls
Agitate – Lucifer’s Aid
Tachykardia (Kobosil Remix) – Adriatique
Bring The Storm – Unity One
Cause And Effect – Spark!
IDDQD (Planetdamage Remix) – The Gothsicles
Dare to Die (Schwarzstern Remix) – Croona
AN-10 – SINthetik Messiah

Brat Moj (Random Logic Mix) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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