Tx Fused 19.47

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Published on: 21/11/2019


Before the Lighthouse – Longshot Nelson and The Disjoints
Shla – Paul Randall
Joshua – French 79
No One’s Gonna Save Us – Maxthor
Push Back – Hypnotica
E4 Tomorrow (Take Control) – Analogue Electronic Whatever
Play with the Fire (feat. Shannon Maree) – ReveLever
Final Approach – Starfarer
Dressed to Creep (Rob Dust Remix) – Cyto
Retrogression (80’s Version from Sheffield) – First Aid 4 Souls
Love Is A Shield – Camouflage
Back To Nature – Noir (US)
Welcome to Synthtopia (feat. Andrea Powell) – Eric C. Powell
Morphine (Cyborgdrive Remix) – Beat Noir Deluxe
Orca – Hana
Ruido Digital – Expreso Maniqui
Will You Remember Me? (Remake) – Eurotix
Discipline – Klack
Lucretia My Reflection – Parralox
On My Way (Mind Machine Remix) – Zoon Politicon
Renew Me (Miyagi Remix) – Yeah But No
Departure – Alienare
Soltura (Broken Fabiola Remix) – Mellow Code
Movements – Mild Minds
Brexit – Exposed Brick
Rhythm of The Drum – Shift K3y
Rainforest – Roland Tings
Together (Original Club Mix) – Vinylsurfer
Heater (Double Agent Remix) – KLP
When I’m Gone (Dungeon Remix) – ES23
Ignesco Comburo – Raison D’être
The Mirror – Rockets LBM Project
Reaktif – Heavy Water Factory
Im Spiegel (Desastroes Remix) – Schwarzschild
After Midnight – The Evil Dark
Exocet II – Sarin
Live for Myself – C/A/T
Human Hardware – Miles Matrix
Ghost Train – Knife Party
Trigger Warning – Die Krupps
Sunglasses Indoors Like Vinny D – Taro Division
Dirty Dark Electro (Suppressor RMX) – SynthAttack
Marching On (Suppressor Rework) – Empyres
Bring the Storm ([:SITD:] Remix) – Unity One
Lost Paradise (Nachtmahr Remix) – Chemical Sweet Kid
Layers – Black Line

Young Europa – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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