Tx Fused 19.48

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Published on: 28/11/2019


Primitive Living – Jack Hertz
Apathy – Mecha Maiko
Lost In Transit – ProjectD
Digital Nomads – Ahmed Romel
When it’s Love it’s Love (Scyia Bubble Gum Mix) – New Neon
Dance With me – Daniel Grau
My Secret World – Karma Shock
Give Us Cadavers – Dr. Death + Mr. Vile
Tears CR24 (feat Voi Vang – Exire Remix) – Leg Puppy
Caladan Primitive – Stoneburner
Kagu-Tsuchi (Mythology Version) – iVardensphere
Electronic Battle Weapon 4 – The Chemical Brothers
Taking Off The Edge – Soft Riot
Renaissance (Barbarella Mix) – Neuropa
Ach So Gern – Lindemann
Undercroft – Ringfinger
Dylan & The Seven Drones – TheFatControlleR
Seven Drone Music – Underworld
Caligo (12 Inch Mix) – [de:ad:cibel]
Dry (Ashkann Remix) – Primitive Heart
Walking Through Walls (feat. Tom Lücke)- On the Floor
Always Suited Blue – Fader
Time Machine – Chris Cox
Misunderstood (feat. The Brooklyn Foundation) – Simon Irvine
Telepath – Cryocon
Bostich (Ancient Methods Remix) – Yello
Naboens Sveler (Minus Magnus Remix) – Angermund
Dark Alchemy – Khurch
T.O.T.E.M – Rodrics
Modern World – Fractal Age
Movida – Wladyslaw Trejo
Animals – N-616
Tear Me to Pieces (feat. Kay Burden – Technopop Mix) – Fused
Battle Ready – Daddybear
Rapid Body Corruption – Unhuman
Es Zieht Mich (Crystal Geometry Remix) – Schwefelgelb
Mujer Ùnica (feat. HIV+) – Radikal Kuss
Stadt Der Engel – Les Berrtas
Dance in the Light – Prometheus Flame
Stalker – Reichsfeind
Endtime Prophets – Intent:Outtake
Lowlife – M73
And Nothing Turns (Rob Dust Version) – Eisfabrik
The World Is Going Down – Tension Control

Honourable, Dead or Alive, When Following the Revolutionary Road (Single Hearted Unity Version) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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