Tx Fused 19.49

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Published on: 05/12/2019


Final Words Colombia – Death Noise
A Mormon Winked At Me In Ljubljana – Jumble Hole Clough
Pet Sematary – Parralox
Cambiare – Bonus Track – Daybehavior
Bring Your Dolphin – The Chap
Blue Moon – Suzanne Letting & Enrique Singh
The Prince Was Never Deaf – Pablo Bolívar/Squire
Indulto – Squire
The Great Undoing – Unroyal
Redemption in Blue – Into the Blood
What Are You Waiting For? (Mesh Remix) – Sea of Sin
The Last Train (Obsession of Time Remix) – Sine City
Lord of Misrule (feat. Ian Anderson) – Marc Almond
Black Rainbow – Beta Virus
Fast And Faster – Caisaron
Automatic Call (Makeup And Vanity Set Remix) – Nina
No Estás Aquí – Puesa
Cassette Conversations – (Mixtape Remix by Cyferdyne) – Promenade Cinema
Stream Your Live – The Second Sight
Artist Destiny (Flutter Extreme Mix) – GW4
Mit Herz & Ton (Hacki & Höschi XXL Mix) – Hackfreed
Subsense – GJK
That Simple – Nick Giano
You Could – Curtiba
Sorrows – Lapse of Reason
Oblivion [Self Inflicted] – White.Light.Monorail
Welcome To Berlin – Northern Lite
Bipolar Pop (feat. Chiasm – Aesthetic Perfection Remix) – Third Realm
Thinkin Bout You – Sep
GBH84 (Angst78 DDR mix) – Test Dept.
Your Machine (B Side Version) – Red Industrie
Bad Pills – Viktor Kalima
Indicators of Compromise – DKAG
Quitting At This Point Is A Perfectly Reasonable Response – Psyence Fiction
Polished Chrome (The Friend Pt. 1) (feat. Gary Numan) – Chris Liebing
Nomad – M73
No Warning Shot (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket) – WolfChild
Enajenados – Rebel Empire
Tanz (EBM Edit) – Heimataerde
Fascist Killer (Gewalt Remix) – Peryl
Animals (Prehistoric Remix by Karkasaurus) – C-Lekktor
Control – Sphere Corners
Es Zieht Mich (Crystal Geometry Remix) – Schwefelgelb
Your Body – Exferno

Regime of Coincidence, State of Gravity – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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