Tx Fused 19.52

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Published on: 26/12/2019


This Is Where I Came From – Boytronic
Running (Synthetic Content Instrumental Remix) – Projekt Ich
Waiting For The Boom – Spray
Up – Glynn Jaine
House of Thorns – Fiat Lux
Strange Stubborn Proud (feat. Kurt Larson) – ELYXR
Monsters (Obsession of Time Remix) – Train To Spain
Gib mir noch Zeit (Renegade Remix) – POS.:2
Floating Away (Midnight Resistance Remix) – Wiegand
Illuminated – AEX
Star – The Rude Awakening
The Perfect Ones – Insight
When You Go – Eurotix
Calling Your Name (feat. Mia Moilanen) – Electric City Cowboys
One Obsession – Neuropa
Nothing New – The Second Sight

Mit Herz & Ton – Hackfreed
Make My Day – Hangover Boss & SYBM!
Reflexions – GJK
This Is – Metodi Hristov
Street Lights (Jem Cooke) – Hot Since 82
Something New (Joyce Muniz Remix) – Anabel Englund & RYBO
Techno Brutalist – Minimalisti Convoy
Faded – Cid Mentz
Symptoms – Thomas Sol
Yankra – Alberto Herrera
World’s End (Boss Axis remix) – Leon Noise
How I Feel (feat. Hayley May – Extended Dub Mix) – Martin Ikin
Solen (Echonomist Remix) – Mainro
Piece By Piece (Maetrik Remix) – Clement Meyer
All The Way In – The Golden Filter

Stiff Lines – Iron Court
Konsortium – Nachtmahr
Dive (feat. Schepper) – Blinky Blinky Computerband
Will To Destroy – Sarin & Imperial Black Unit
Let It Begin (Phase Fatale Remix) – Fixmer/McCarthy
Hi Rez Lo Life – Planetdamage
Game of Pleasure – Le Chocolat Noir
The Game – Tragic Impulse
Brain Fucked – Darkness On Demand
Pulverland – Dunkelwerk
Himmel & Hölle (Scalameriya Remix) – Thomas P. Heckmann
Good For Body – Klubovader
Butlerian Jihad – Crystal Geometry
ADSR (Empirion Clubbed up Mix) – Empirion
Heavy Demons – Nydhog

Unsere Geschichte – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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