Tx Fused 20.01

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Published on: 02/01/2020


Desperate Times – Fiction 8
Honey Money – The World of Birds
Neurowave – Kizunaut
Cover Your Eyes – Jonathan Bree
Ffair Rhos – Where The Night Falls
The Life – Electric Youth
Like A Fire – Honey Beard
Napoleon – Riki
Sugar Cans – Hatebot
The Priest And The Sinner – Accidental Allies
Sealed (Flesh & Bone Remix) – Fourth Engine
She Bites (feat. Lokka Vox) – Charlotte Someone
Empathy Test – Eli Raybon
Dangerous (with Juno Dreams) – Roxi Drive
Invaders – Zero Call
Poliakov (midierror Remix) – Battery Operated Orchestra

Secret Sauce – Bobby Harvey & LXT
Brazil – Lee Foss, Eli Brown, Anabel Englund
Something New (Joyce Muniz Remix) – Anabel Englund & RYBO
I Need To Feel Loved (10 Element Deep Remix) – Reflekt
Churches – Invoker
Gotta Have Your Love – Jarred Gallo
Big Love (David Penn Extended Remix) – Pete Heller
Narcissus (At The Disco) – Róisín Murphy
Rave n’ Roll – Redrago
Night By Night – Junior Sanchez
Club Eunuch – The Strunks
Forgotten Realm – Green Lake Project
Starry Night – Peggy Gou
The Alarm (Vince Clarke Remix) – All Hail The Silence
Thinking About You (feat Juliet Fox) – Spektre
Cowbells & Temples (Man Power Remix) – Thomass Jackson

The Poison Key (feat The Horrorist (Punx Soundcheck Remix)) – Adriano Canzian
AZT – Xerox
Nox – UVB76
Weekend Warrior – 50L1D
Killer – The B.A. Sisters
Broken Code – Runaway Droid
Poison Heart Living Perfection – Ortrotasce
Club – Ten After Dawn
AOV – Andi
Inner Communications – WLDV
Generation One – Electronic Frequency
Bring On The Apocalypse – Alien Vampires
Forbidden (feat. Aftereffect) – Chamaeleon
Prom Night – The Overlookers
Amphor – Codex Empire

Mars – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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