Tx Fused 20.03

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Published on: 16/01/2020


Dystopia Now – Abney Park
Syncromesh – Lunar Module
Night of the Witch – Anders Manga
Face Meets Glass – Actors
Leave the Light On – Invisible Pyramids
Bombers In The Sky – Thompson Twins
My Room (Remix) – Séance
Move Any Mountain – Klack
We Can Make It Fit – Mokroïé
1969 – The Devil & The Universe
Last Caress (The Misfits Cover) – Leaether Strip
My Dearest Enemy (Dominatrix Remix) – Rroyce
M. [Omegagon Remix] – Elektroterapi
Pull Up To The Bumper (Tinman Remix) – Grace Jones
The Defector – Recoil
Lonely Comet – Wiesolator
Shabriri – Empusae
Wild Hunters – Matthias Stock
Hellébore – Lovataraxx
Now Or Never (Naked Mix) – Italoconnection
Mangetsu (Niconé Radical Isko Cut) – Aracil
Equinoctis – Ainoxxxmachine
Chemtrail Soldiers – Antivote
Cuts (feat.Leal) – Sayana
Orgasmica (Eya Eya Mix) – Ramirez
Take a Trip (Original Mix) – Nobots
In My Head – Enzo Kreft
Dominator – Kalipo & Local Suicide
Smoker (Faderhead Remix) – Scheuber
Right Place Wrong Time – Stonerpop
Atol – Moving Thoughts
Agoraphobia Dub – Less Distress
Dissolution – Rikhter
Too Much DMT – In Verruf (Dance Or Die)
Screwdrivers – Aert
Unter der Linden (Club Mix) – Heimataerde
Toast – CIIJ
We Get Control (Zweite Jugend remix) – Synthetische Lebensform
Hate Is All I Have – Pete Crane
Der Augenblick (Konstantin Sibold Remix) – Die Selektion
Die Quelle Meiner Kraft (Diskonnekted Remix) – Endanger
Health Feel Nothing (Wolfgng Remix) – Melting Rust Opera
Feeding Tube – Synthetic-Machine

Jägerspiel – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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