Tx Fused 20.06

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Published on: 06/02/2020


Festival Time – San Remo Golden Strings
The Birthday Party – Alien Skin
Feasting with Panthers – Marc Almond
Endless Festival – Jaz Coleman & Anne Dudley
Elephant Man’s Theme – Mechanical Cabaret
The Grand Masquerade – A Spell Inside
Thursday (Featuring Example) – Pet Shop Boys
Silent Ceremony – Front Line Assembly
Happy Birthday Mr. President – The Legendary Pink Dots
Io Saturnalia – Pulselovers
Cérémonie secrète – Die Form
Carnival – Endanger
Creature of Masquerade (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) – Jaw
Prosternations’s Ceremony – LAShTAL
Celebration Fornication (Flesh Eating Foundation – Crunch Grind Mix) – Junksista
Fiesta Antifa – Die Türen
Happy Birthday My Olde Friend – Voltaire
Saturnalia – Tanzwut
Sex with Sun Ra (Part I – Saturnalia) – Coil
Celebration – Eno & Hyde
Ether Carnivals – Sepia Parlour
Jera One Year – Lee Spencer
Bilabial Birthday Party – Benny Brydern
Banquet House – Mortaja
Festival – Nico Pusch
Festival of Love – Boris Brejcha
Mardi Gras – GotSome
Carnival Da Casa (The Zoom Remix) – Rio Rhythm Band
La Fiesta – Max Chapman
La Fiesta de San Benito – Chris River
Birthday Party – DJ Silencer vs. Zycro
Celebration – The Booty Jocks
Masquerade (Setaoc Mass Remix) – Kan
Dark Ceremony – Robertiano Filigrano
Tempo Fiesta (Roll Fiesta) – Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy
Happy Fcuking Birthday – Combichrist
Birthday – R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc. Project)
Pagan Feast – Cernunnos
We Had a Carnival – Sleetgrout
Anniversary – Aesthetische
Celebration Generation – Westbam
Black Celebration (Seduced Edit) – Leaether Strip
Mortal Celebration – Hocico
Saturnalia – Marilyn Manson
Ceremony – Okkulta
Happy Birthday – Klutae
Bleeding Rave Celebration – Chaotic Rave System
Acid Orgy (feat Sonya Scarlet) – Alien Vampires
The Carnival – Ego Amp
Ceremony – :wumpscut:
One Year Later – Corvx de Timor
Closing Ceremony – Black Cab
Thank You – Rusty Egan

Krvava Gruda – Plodna Zemlja (Revisited) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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