Tx Fused 20.07

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Published on: 13/02/2020


Rematerialized – Occams Laser
Bo Ni Ke (Simple Symmetry Remix) – Inigo Vontier
Pareidolia – Beyond Obsession
Giallo – Marc Almond
Groovin’ Is My Hobby – Munatix
Release the Tension – Embrace The Crisis
Black Sun – NNHMN
Killer Kane – Iterations
UFO (Probe Remix) – Xotox
Hypnosis – Nick Devon
Thoughtcrime – ELM
Practical Lover – Planet Neil
Rotting Meat – spankthenun
The Future (Uncertainty Mix By Holon) – Nova State Machine
Nothing Is Deep – Melting Rust Opera
Choose Weapons – LDWG
Moskow Disko (feat. Steven Jones ) – Man Parrish
Which Star (feat. Boodie Love) – Trepanic
Run For Your Life – Alice & The Serial Numbers
Monkey Business (Friend Within Remix) – Pet Shop Boys
Kryptonite (I’m On It) (feat. Smooth City) – Martial Simon
Rokk 2020 – Sam Junk
Celtic Fezziwig’s Dance (feat. DJ Xander Milne – Deep House Remix) – Spanomarkou I&A
Modern Life – Komanda
Night Flights (Kerosene Mix) – Neuroactive
Nothing Else To Say – Switchface
Simply Complicated – Luca Draccar
Not to Cry (Lützenkirchen Remix) – Sebastian Fleischer
Drink Full and Descend – Hezzel
Impact Situation (2020) – Human Performance Lab
Dreamworld Reality – Studio-X vs Simon Carter
Monolithic State – HPK
Necroplasm Fix (Slighter Remix) – Horrorfall
Barking Up The Wrong Tree (feat. Sascha Klein) – Aesthetische
Suicidal Birds – Helalyn Flowers
Voyage – Les Anges de la Nuit
My Dearest Enemy (Dominatrix Remix) – Rroyce
Do It Now – Robotiko Rejekto
Scraping Gehenna – SIN DNA
Der Letzte Tanz – AD:Key
The Dawn – Dance With the Dead
No Flow – Neikka RPM
Aerobics Team – Chrome Corpse
Time Destroys Everything – Synapsyche
Don’t Save Me – Dicepeople
Only Control – Pouppée Fabrikk
Voyager (Elkheart Rework) – Faraday
Carbon Responder – spankthenun

Drzava (Revisited) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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