Tx Fused 20.13

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Published on: 26/03/2020


No Time to Die (feat Stephen Newton) – Nature of Wires
The Last Recording – Microchip Junky
The Man In The Aston Martin – D.D.Danahy
Galadriel – La Mécanique
Once I Saw the River Clean – Morrissey
Sleepless Through the Night – Nite
Nighthunter – Panic Priest
Hold On (ft. Mark Bebb) (Cyborgdrive Remix) – Psy’Aviah
We Can Change Our Way (feat. Taïga & Jean-Paul Florès) – AstroVoyager
She’s An Art – Promenade Cinema
Distancing – Klack
Rotten Garden – Abu Nein
Forbidden Pleasures – Neuroactive
Keine Ahnung – MIDIconfusion
Blue Monday (Moris Blak Remix) – Orgy
1st Step To Heaven Medley – Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft
Carbon – Zanias
Oracolo – Rome in Reverse
Angel 07 – Paul Rein
Movement – Echo Rescue
Wunderbar – Kalipo & Local Suicide
Fade Away – Icarus
El Balka – Erick T
Vision – Pasquale Caracciolo
Darkhall – EANP
Survivors – Nordika
V-4 – Carlos Sicrock
Diamond Cutter – N. Grezi
Transfigured – Invia, Masha Motive
Bei meiner Ehr’ (Club Edit) – Heimataerde
The Virus (Ben Sims Remix) – The Horrorist
Ligature – Pressure Vessel
Days of Pain – Mind/Matter
Solar System – Entropy Frequency
She Gets High – Kuss
Illusions of Love (Device Not Ready Remix) – POS.:2
Isole – Comfort Cure
Fester – Paradox Obscur
Zerstörer (Club Mix) – Orange Sector
Köln (Total Harmonic Noize Remix) – Liebknecht
Down Low – XLR:840
I Feel, You Don’t – Rotersand
Contagion – Phosgore
Der Mussolini (Moroder & Naidanow Remix) – Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft

Alle Gegen Alle – Laibach
Alle Gegen Alle – Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft
Fireball – Don Spencer

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