Tx Fused 20.17

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Published on: 23/04/2020


A Perilous Venture – Andrulian
Achtung, Baby! (feat. Alan Averill) – Rome
You Make Me Want To Learn How To Cook – Antibody vs. The Gothsicles
The Mirror – Into the Blood
Viagem no Tempo – Timeless Agents
Monsters – Empathy Test
Escape (Phonky Muvva) – Keith Richie
Keep Your Distance – Ben Arp
Social Revelation (Mesh Remix) – Tin Gun
Wild & Wooly – Scenius
Mother Earth (Is Burning) (Plike Remix) – Kay Burden with All Star Motivator
Just Need – P.R.E.Y.
Blood Red Roses (feat. Kiara M.E. – Club Mix) – Endanger
A Gr8 Mix of Lights – Costume
Break For Love – Raze
Party Happening People – Deee-Lite
Resurrection – White Door
Don’t Say Sorry Just Dance (Grey Area Non-Apologetic Remix) – The Transistor Brothers
Vapor – Carlos Sicrock
Happiness Imperative (Aesthetische Remix) – H.O.W.
Disco Dreamgirl (FM Attack Remix) – Betamaxx
Gamma Rays (Kraftman Remix) – 808 Dot Pop
Refuge – Moby
Straight – Hackfreed
Forbidden Love (Erotica Club Mix) – XES
Can’t Get You Out of My Head (Giorgio Marciano Rework) – In.Visible
County Lines – Dubspeeka
Memories (feat. Digital Energy – Dominatrix Remix) – Outsized
White Light/White Heat (ChangesNowBowie Version) – David Bowie
Death Sky (Panoptica Mix) – Nukes
Liebe Hat Keine Preis (Years of Denial Remix) – Maman Kusters
Bad Flower (Aircrash Bureau Remix) – State of The Union
Neuland (Grenzgänger Clubmix) – Irrlicht
Disintegrate – Beta Virus
Sunyata – Suppressor
The Monument of My Queen – Sector 516
Enough is Enough – Sidehack
Machinery (Grosstracktor Remix) – Rebel Empire
Hell is Warmth, Safety and Cozy – Ethseq
Endlich Variations – Philipp Munch
In Your Own Blood – W.A.S.T.E.
In Neuem Licht – Tension Control
1938 – Emergency Sequence

Ein Untergang – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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