Tx Fused 20.18 – Infacted Recordings Special

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Published on: 30/04/2020


Haunted (Dark Ambient-Mix) – Xotox
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Ruined Conflict Remix) – Nine Seconds
You and Me (Into the Knot Remix) – Torul
Where Ends Meet (feat. Lis Van Den Akker) – Croona
Blood Red Roses (feat. Kiara M.E. – Groove Mix) – Endanger
My Dearest Enemy (Nine Second Remix) – Rroyce
Monolog Love – Beyond Obsession
Bellows from the Deep – Pete Crane
Bad Flower (Ruined Conflict Remix) – State of The Union
Tension (Robert Staub Remix) – Probe
Wir sind mehr (Muskeltanz Remix) – Orange Sector
Fed by Anger – Future Lied to Us
This Old Track – Accessory
Interlace (Moris Blak Remix) – Shiv-R
Kurtz – Grendel
To Travel – THX
North + South (Orange Sector Remix) – Brigade Werther
No Brain, No Headache – Syntec
Cinematic Playback – Frame of Mind
Black Tide – Machinista
Electric Tsunami – Decoded Feedback
Because of Your Smile – Logic & Olivia
Houseman (Germany Calling) – Voyou
Override (Endanger Remix) – Form
Touch of Madness – Menschdefekt
Lilith (feat. Tracey Bishop) – RuinedConflict
Noise in Your Head – Pseudokrupp Project
Sturmlicht (Ruined Conflict Remix) – [:SITD:]
Antimatter – Cyto
Cross My Heart (ES23 Remix) – God Module
Skullfuck (Phantom West Mix) – Modulate
Klaustrophobie – Prager Handgriff
Absence (Grendel Remix) – Ludovico Technique
Trust (Remix By AD:Key) – Digital Energy
Das Mass Der Dinge (Masslos Mix) – U-Tek
Stahl AG (Steel-Mill-Mix) – E-Craft
Facer (Short Cut) – X Marks The Pedwalk
My Corpse Shall Rise – Mordacious
Chemicals + Circuitry (Diabolic Art Remix) – Grendel
Chemicals + Circuitry (Komor Kommando Remix) – Grendel
Into the Deep (Liquid Divine Remix) – Binary Park
Kaleidoscope – Liquid Divine
On Patrol v.3. – Aircrash Bureau
Memories (Remix by Vox Celesta) – NamNamBulu
Mad Wights (Aspirin for Oslo Remix) – Human Decay
Dirty Cash (Eisenfunk Remix) – Reaper
BoXxXer – The Firm Incorporated
Snatch Your Body – Agrezzior
Sleepwalk (The Awakening) – Lights of Euphoria
Get Out of My Head – ES23
Befreiungsschlag (Nachtmahr Remix) – Skyla Vertex
A Different Story (Solitary Experiments Remix) – Vanguard

Drzava – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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