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Published on: 09/05/2020

Tribute to the late Florian Schneider by way of a selection of Kraftwerk covers & remixes.


Musik Non Stop – Pierrepoint
Kraftwerk (Roboterkönige) – Voith
Spacelab – Mental Conquest
Home Computer – Alenia
Home Computer – Random Logic
The Telephone Call (Razormaid Mix) – Kraftwerk
The Telephone Call – Moob
The Telephone Call – The Shining
It’s More Fun To Compute – Torul
Metropolis (Remix) – Android Project
Showroom Dummies – Leaether Strip
Radioactivity – April Mine
Radioactivity – Trylok
Radioactivity – Data Bank A
Radioactivity – Fiction 8
The Model – Parralox
The Robots – Die Roboter – Industriegebiet
Hall of Mirrors – Silence, feat. Anne Clark
Antenna – Psyche
Mitternacht – Bast
Autobahn – Tragic Comedy
The Man Machine (Remix) – Android Project
Geiger Counter – Axiome
Metal On Metal – Fading Colours
Metal On Metal – The Stroj
Neon Lights (Remix) – Android Project
Computer World 2 (Axel ReTouch) – Kraftwerk
Tour de France – Powerplant & Kraftwerk
Numbers (Wicked-Mix) – Kraftwerk
Pocket Calculator – Taschenrechner – Black Wedding
Computer Love – Laura Effect
Sex Object – Iturk Feat. Maya
Trans Europe Express – Audio Science
Airwave – Martin O
Electric Cafe (Mixx-It Remix) – Kraftwerk
Ohm Sweet Ohm – Apoptygma Berzerk
Musik Non Stop – Pierrepoint
Lie-Werk – Kraftbach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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