Tx Fused 20.19

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Published on: 07/05/2020


Sankt Damin – Die Wilde Jagd
Your New Normal – Nine Inch Nails
Brass Devil – Parov Stelar
The Art of Fear – Shadowdream
Cigarette – Head Fake
Time Flies (Enter Me Remix) – Vaylon
Bad Flower (Nórdika Remix) – State of The Union
Night In The City – Yuhniversia
Money Shot – Ari Mason
Isolation – Replicant
This Time – Agency-V
The Getaway – Battery Operated Orchestra
Edge of the Night – She Hates Emotions
Clean Your House – Blancmange
Fading & Fall (Rise Your Hands Mix) – BlueForge
My Cat – Inner Conflict
Edge of the World (I.X.XI Mix – DJ Senseless) – Lorellei Dreaming
Starlight – Humans Can’t Reboot
Lose Control – 2DCAT
Heartbeat – Church of Trees
One By One – Voith
Disarm (Alex O. Mix) – Apoptygma Berzerk
Pharmacist – Mr. Oizo
Warning – Cri Du Coeur
Puro – Fear-E
Angel 07 – Paul Rein
Before You – Synthax Xtructure
Destination – Buzz Kull
Real Heroes – Outpost 11
Stranger On A Train – Echo Rescue
Signals – Munich Syndrome
Ghosts – Morfiouz
If Not Here, Where? – Interface
Unsterblich (Club Mix) – Lykard
Es Versucht (90s Industrial Metal Remix by Patty J.) – Rue Oberkampf
Paper Empires (Switchface Remix) – Unitcode:Machine
Detecting Movement (Ext Dancefloor Mix) – Chrome Corpse
Shade Beneath – TYVYT|IYTYI
Midro-T – Tonttu
Der Sarkophag (Clubmix) – Kontrast
Eight Hearts Eight Spikes (Khadija Domination Remix) – Statiqbloom
Ballistics – Blush Response
The King of EBM – Caustic
Mustang – Martin Rev
Bazooka (Exemia Remix) – Roppongi Inc. Project
Birdcage – Gus & Jorg
Brystvortex – Fleisch&Waffeln
Genom Natt Och Dag – Syntet

Perspektive – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer
Intermission / News / The Voice of Energy (3-D) – Kraftwerk

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