Tx Fused 20.20

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Published on: 14/05/2020


Darker Love – 1i2c
Heaven Now (London After Midnight Cover) – Unca Mau
I’m Still Alive (People Theatre’s Unsure 80S Rework) – In Good Faith
Walls Fell Inwards – Maenad Veyl
Gravity 1984 – Looneyjetman
Let Me Out – Church of Trees
Sweet Candy – Choir Boy
Believe It – Velvet Shakes
Hole – Analogue Electronic Whatever
A Private Affair (feat. Circuit3) – Chain Complex
Durdu Dünya (Boy Harsher Remix) – She Past Away
Day One – Jigsaw Sequence
Everybody Dances (To Digital Music) – Spray
Form (1995) – Maschine Brennt
Elephant & Castle (Instrumental) – Lost In Stars
Ich Denk An Dich – Robert Görl/DAF
Runaways – W O L F C L U B
Seismic Waves (Staggman’s Bump+Grind Mix) [Parts 1-3] – Jonteknik
With You – Tony Haglund
Reaching The Stars (Kosmas Remix) – Marva Von Theo
See The Light – XLR:840
The Second Death – Heavy Water Factory
Black Lava – Black Nail Cabaret
The Vibe – Yota
From The Trenches (The Mover Remix) – Current 909
The Beast – Max Durante
Honey Trap – Xarah Dion
What Planet You On (feat. Luciana / Junkyard Dog Mix) – Bodyrox
No Sides – Cervello Elettronico
Light Spy – Jørgen Thorvald
Virus Cant Kill Music – Caboan
Enter the Demon – Trevor Something
What If You’re Wrong? – Blank
Plasmasleep (Deep Hypnosis Mix) – Forma Tadre
Transportation (Le Tunnel Sous La Manche Mix) – DJ Shadowkat
Cursed (vs. Borderland Remix) – Menschdefekt
Crazy – Skornhead
Manipulación – Alex McNeill
We Kill the Sun – Blue Ant
Ripping At The Fabric – Zwaremachine
Control – Raxeller
For TK (Goa Mix) – Simplefixty
Without You – ETH
OV Power – Psychic TV
It’s Time – Cutoff:Sky

Final Countdown {Juno Reactor version Beyond The Infinite Mix} – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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