Tx Fused 20.22


Midnight Black (feat. Andy Deane) – And Void
Sensi – Microvolt
Sacred Tongue – Nation of Language
Lights Out – Leg Puppy
Plus Le Temps – La Main
Circle Square – Violent Vickie
Nautic – FrozenPlasma
VR [2.0] – London Sadness
I Hang on to My Vertigo (feat. Freddie Wadling) – Kleerup
The Guardians – Iterations
Don’t Go Away – Cold In May
Kiss Me Deadly (AVGB Desert Moon Remix) – Electro Spectre
Breathe – Eric C. Powell
Chameleon – Tenek
Starts with a Kiss – Polychrome
Idiot Crowd (feat. Boy George) – Punx Soundcheck
This Situation – enter \ me
Narin Yalnizlik (She Past Away Sahara Mix) – She Past Away
Red Robot (Ricochet Mix Brutalist Architecture In The Sun) – Jeff Appleton
Éternel Retour – Police Des Moeurs
Distant Shores – Lady B
Voices – Graflex
Rain – Oleg Xaler
Stalemate (Amorphous Remix) – Atropine
Qui Croire – Oberst Panizza
(How Will We Ever) Work This Way – Fiat Lux
Holding To The Frame – Kim Lunner
Redux (Radio Mix) – Synesthete
Nobody’s There – Subject:2
Follow Me – XLR:840
Toy (boxed) – Steven Jones & Logan Sky
Last Day on Earth – Basszilla
The New Machine – M73 vs Negant
Die Kreatur (Faderhead Remix) – Die Kreatur
Fire and Fury – Dewinter
Total Control (Pulsation Mix By Electrofiction) – Nova State Machine
Shredder – Offensive:winter
No Story (Not At All) – Philipp Münch
Transcending the Flesh – Ethseq
Blutgruppe Tod – Division Fledermaus
The Shining Lamp of God (Leæther Strip Remix) – Mortiis
Abyss – Crystal Geometry
Tanz des Terrors (Chris Keya Remix) – Stahlschlag
Luc Van Acker – Leæther Strip
Seasons – Forever Grey

Italia – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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Published on: 28/05/2020

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