Fused ‘Out of Hours’ 200612


Gembri Energy (feat. Robert Spline & Schvedranne) – Lakay
Last Chance City – Manhatten
Summer Days – Interchange
Unnoticed (Instrumental) – Nina
Chemistry – The Ghost of Helags
Too Many – Sapphira Vee
Eyes (The Distant Minds Mix) – Silversounds 80s
My thirsty mind – Alice Triskel
Assimilate – Glass Apple Bonzai
Suicidal Birds (Shades, Trash And Garlic Mix By Implant) – Helalyn Flowers
Automatic Call (Instrumental) – Nina
Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling) – Erasure
Crash – Eric C. Powell
True Faith – Shadows and Mirrors
Emotional Increase – Andrea Onorati
Let the Music Decide – Faithless
Chase This Mix (feat. Steven Jones) – Man Parrish
Enough Is Enough (Trade Secrets Remix) – The New Division
I Still Keep Love For You (Einmusik Remix) – Yeah But No
I Still Keep Love For You (Andreas Henneberg Remix) – Yeah But No
Planned Obsolescence (ViP) – Confusion Inc.
Cursed (Frame of Mind Remix) – Menschdefekt
Blood Feud – Dancing Plague
Passion (Electric City Cowboys Remix) – Vogon Poetry
Acta Non Verba – Dancing Plague
Devolver – Big Time Kill
Fine Transmissioni (pAd Remix) – Azurro 80
Golden Place – Detuned Gloom
Crush – Club Intl
Dance Alone – Darwin

Fireball – Don Spencer