Fused ‘Out of Hours’ 200619

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Published on: 20/06/2020


This Romance – Crystalline Stricture
I Do Not Care – Roderic H
Life Through Static – PreCog
All Night Long (I Dream of You) – DJ Shadowkat
Just A Ride – Suriseva
Trapped Heart (Stahlklang Remix) – Toal
When You Were All Mine – Ashes’n’Android
No Time To Lose (Signal Aout 42 Remix) – Psychosomatik
Fading & Fall – BlueForge
Afterglow (Es23 Remix) – Alphamay
Chaotic Shamanic – M.Nomized
Oral Primitive Digital Spirits Invocation – Saint De L’abime
Industrial Noise Dance – Areal Kollen
Electro (Töt Club Attack Mix) – Wülf7
Still In Still (Daddybear Mix) – Twin Tribes
A New Daylight – Chorea Minor
Vibrator (Dub) – Dirty Monroes
Adventure – Planet Neil
Abandon – Capn Stewmeiser
I’m Not Like An Ordinary World – Cibernia
Chorus (Fishes In The Sea / Ben Grosse Remix) – Erasure
Ah Am Alone – Black Devil Disco Club
Through Glass – Taiki NuLight
Immortal – DE TOT COR
Spiral Galaxies with 2 Cores – Jamal Moss, Kink
I Am Bastard 2.0 – Invisible Devastation
Das Ist Alles (Polished Version) – Endanger

Fireball – Don Spencer

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