Tx Fused 20.24

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Published on: 11/06/2020


Smoke & Mirrors – The Original Magnetic Light Parade
Antisocial Media – Blancmange
Kua Heke Te – Hyperlacrimae
Temporary (Expiring Time Remix) – Elezoria
Transcend Realities – XLR:840
Dances (Aeronaut V Remix) – Neuroactive
Into Nothing – DSM-V
Inconvenience – Daniel Hall
We Could Have Been (New Version) – Eurotix
Ride (Future Unlimited Interceptor Remix) – The New Division
Devotion – New Neon
Silent Killer – Sines
I Was Wrong – Uncreated
Crush (Wellencocktail Remix) – Pandoria
Sometimes (Simon’s Moorooka Mix) – Synthax Xtructure
Conjunction – Phoenix-Flare
Believe (Disquette•s Remix) – Enrich
Mi Fortuna – Mano Brujas
Train of Thought (feat. Kyoko Baertsoen – Tom Bro 12″ club Remix) – Psy’Aviah
Gender Bender (Fiben Remix) – Huguenot
Elina – DSF
Without A Reason – Italoconnection
Who Do You Love? (feat. Tash Knight – Mind Electric Remix Edit) – Marcus Knight
4P1S (NexFlix Sample | Episode 1) – Marius Drescher
Telepathic Heights (Quint S Ence Chaos Mix) – This Human Condition
Sin Retorno (Julian Murias Remix 2020) – Reflection
The Haunted Road – Anne Clark
Just Be – Herhuth AfterDark
Gelato (Italoconnection 12″ Ext Play) – Knight$
Rival Counterpart – Matthias Springer / Aksutique
Hungry Cat (feat. Lexine – Technopeuten Remix) – Hackfreed
Electric – Electric City Cowboys
Disconnected (feat. Bridgette – Club Edit) – Studio-X vs Simon Carter
Blodmåne – Eisenwolf
Embers – Xenturion Prime
Neurolace Failure (PlanesWalker Remix) – Virtual Terrorist
Inferno Sunray – S productions
Gravity – Leg Puppy
We Believe – Stoneburner
Idolatry (Stairway Maze Remix) – Last Influence of Brain
Less But More – Aesthetische
It Don’t Come Easy – Blackcell
Face of An Angel – Fixmer / McCarthy
Breathe Deeper (DJ Ext. Version) – Cyferdyne
I Pray (feat. Assemblage 23) – Avarice in Audio
Der Letzte Tanz (EP-Mix) – AD:KEY
You Cannot Silence Us – Bixlee
Contact – Ethseq
Burst of Anger (feat. Vic Willow) – First Aid 4 Souls
Divided (Moris Blak Remix) – Ritual Aesthetic
Fanfanfanatisch (Kant Kino Rip Gd Mix) – Die Robo Sapiens

Power – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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