Tx Fused 20.25

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Published on: 18/06/2020


New Atlantean God – Arditi
Technique – Vogue.Noir
Incandescent (Chromium) – 808 Dot Pop
Ukusil Sugrob – Karluv Tyn
Infinite Girl (Matt Pop Remix) – In Isolation
Squeal! (Mr Strange Remix) – The Rude Awakening
Darkest Lines – Scenius
The Atmosphere – The Coldry
Can You Manage? Do You Understand – Amongst the Pigeons
Replace – Sugar Wings
Naked – Twice A Man
Carnivore (George Nerantzis Remix) – Technolorgy
Thrill – New Haunts
Row – Anallogue Electronic Whatever
Not Welcome – Am Tierpark
We Surrender – Conscience
Show Me Love – Social Ambitions
Magic Fly – Agents of Rhythm
Victorious – Caboan
Control Me (REOE Mix) – Tiny Magnetic Pets
I Give You My Love (feat Lady B) – Andrew Gabriel
My Emotions – XLR:840
Eye Am In Control – School of Language
Be a Superman – Yellow Magic Orchestra
Struck by Lightning – NHOAH
Communication – Mike Z
Speak Up – Paul Kalkbrenner
Away [Interface Remix] – Chiasm
Pivot – Aril Brikha
Odyssey (Nick Devon Edit) – Amirali
Detroit – Leg Puppy
Moto Perpetuo (Freedom Fighters Remix) – Dusty Kid
Rhyme Four – John Frusciante
Love & Hate (feat. Yona Kira) – Dance My Darling
Shadow Guardian (Sin Dios Mix By Larva) – Asdean
That Mouth – Wind Atlas
Pressure (Dark Disco Version) – TemnaVoda And Cobra
A Message From The Future – Echo Rescue
Peacock (Stockholm Syndrome’s Feathers Remix) – Alejandro Paz & Local Suicide
Autoerotic Asphyxiation – The Sepia Sisters
Dance – Hate The Sin
Remain Unseen (Planktoon Remix) – Zwaremachine
The Shores of England (feat. Rana Arborea – Alternative Version) – Massiv in Mensch
Black Zero – Microchip Junky
Some Kind of Hate (Wyjebany Mix By RSM) – A7ie
The Hatred of Generation (NFektado Remix) – Sickfreak
Like Death (feat. T[ERROR]) – Chris Keya
Point of Healing (Antagonized) – Red Lokust
Neurotic (Ruined Conflict Remix) – Beyond Border
Trois Points De Souture – Les Anges De La Nuit
Exhibition of Counterfeits, Pt. 2 – Ron Morelli

Wirtschaft ist tot – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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