Tx Fused 20.26

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Published on: 25/06/2020


Letter from Rodney Orpheus – Jean-Marc Lederman Experience
Fate – Korine
Sexy Silly Girl (feat. Stereo In Solo / L_igh_t Remix) – Projekt Ich
Rocket Rainbow Science (Punk Shocked Remix) – Screamershock
A Loving Touch – Alanas Chošnau / Mark Reeder
Paycheck (Take My Life) – Leg Puppy
Friends United – Matthias Stock / Claus Jahn
Stranger Times – Machina X
Night Boy (Steven OLaf Mix) – Empire State Human
Floating Away – Sea of Sin
It’s Going On And On – Enzo Kreft
Self-loathing Misery – Synthetische Lebensform
Somebody Else – Into the Blood
Artificial December – Code : Red Core
They – Dimitri Berzerk
I’m The One – The Elegant
The Former Returns – Sharon Next
When You Fall Down – Positronic
Faerie Serum – Trepanic
Vibes (Katar & Minors Remix) – S.Samo
Blue Flame (Riccicomoto Dub Session) – Alex Doering
Realise – Lxury
Dances (feat. Kimmo Karjalainen / Aeronaut V Remix) – Neuroactive
Living Under Quarantine – TUK (Carlos Peron / Jaymz Bee)
Waba Duba – Yello
Bobbi’s Second World (Confidence Man Remix) – The Orielles
A Battle For The Crown (Drugwar Remix) – Apoptygma Berzerk
Nagout Tcherah (feat. Arash Sarkechik, Schvedranne & Renaud Vincent) – Lakay
Now I’m Free – Kim Lunner
Angstprofil – Patenbrigade: Wolff
I Did Not Know (feat. Sven Friedrich of Solar Fake) – Faderhead
Afraid of The Dark – Daddybear
Herzschlag – Aircrash Bureau
Sweet Regrets – Deflexity
Virus – Lazerpunk
Magician’s Hand – FCH
Let the Demon Out – Gasoline Invertebrate
Dare You – Victor Ward
The Seppuku – Ethseq
Agent Orange – Crystal Geometry
Dissent – RAUM
Glasnost (Imperial Black Unit Remix) – Fatal Morgana
Pre-Party with Moderate Fierceness (Cold Waves 2020) – The Gothsicles
The Last Man (Radio Wolf Remix) – Parallels

L’Homme Arme – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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